Thirsty Tory MPs Warned to Drink “Plenty of Water” Ahead of “Warm Evening” mdi-fullscreen

Tory MPs this afternoon have been emailed with a helpful reminder that it is important to eat if they get hungry, and drink water if they get thirsty. There are a “plethora” of votes this evening, so obviously they don’t want dozens of MPs who don’t know how to feed themselves passing out on the green benches: 

“This afternoon we will have a plethora of votes (at least 16) starting at or before 5pm.

We will have continuous votes from 5pm onwards for several hours so please make sure you have eaten something and are drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

If you need assistance during voting or feel in anyway unwell in the division lobby tonight please let myself, the Deputy or one of the whips know immediately. It is a warm evening and this many votes can be somewhat taxing so thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and goodwill. 
Looking forward to seeing you later in the voting lobby.”
Standing in the division lobby must be tough, even for those in robust health. It is currently about 21 degrees in Westminster with overcast skies. If the sun comes out, hopefully Members will be reminded to wear sunscreen…
mdi-account-multiple-outline Simon Hart
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