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An eco-warrior teacher from Insulate Britain has been slapped with a 5-week jail sentence for causing chaos during rush hour in London on October 25, 2021. During the trial, the “remorseless” Louise Lancaster couldn’t resist lecturing the jury in her closing statement on the woes of climate change, even after being warned by the judge not to bother. Turns out that didn’t do her any favours…

The judge promptly instructed jurors to disregard her words, stating that “she knew she wasn’t entitled to say what she said at the end of her address”. He went on to say that although the protestors have a right to protest, that does not mean that they have the right to cause widespread disruption… with this particular ‘protest’ significantly impacting well over 5,000 people. 

Along with Lancaster, there were five other eco-zealots, who will now have to do a combined number of 315 hours of unpaid work. They have also been sentenced to 4 to 6 weeks of jail time suspended for 18 months. Lancaster went on to say that she is “more proud of my civil resistance for Insulate Britain than anything I have ever done in my life.” If gluing herself to a road is her proudest achievement, she probably hasn’t exactly led the most productive life. School’s out…

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