Jolyon “Pleased” to Pay £60,000 Costs for Cases That “Did Not Have Legal Standing” mdi-fullscreen

Jolyon is once again doing what he does best: making the most of a losing situation. Despite agreeing to settle four cases – on the condition that the Good Law Project contributes £60,000 to the government’s legal fund – he somehow managed to claim he was “pleased” with the results. Later in the statement, a bitter Jolyon hit out at Rishi Sunak for making “threats against judges”, blamed government lawyers “under pressure from ministers” for “running up oversized cost bills” for the reality that “we could not expect to win these cases”. He somehow still tried to claim “we continue to enjoy considerable success”. Only Jolyon could claim spending £60,000 to lose four cases as a win…

For any co-conspirators still buying into Jolyon’s spin, it’s worth reading the settlement statement agreed to by the Good Law Project:

“Recent judgments in procurement-related challenges brought by the Claimant [i.e. Good Law Project] have found that the Claimant did not have legal standing [i.e. a sufficient interest to bring a case] to bring the claims. The parties agree that there are accordingly serious doubts over whether the Claimant would be found to have standing to bring this claim listed above, and that it is as such not a good use of the parties’ resources for the claim to be pursued.”

Another £60,000 from his donors’ coffers…

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