Government Still “Committed” to Housing Target Despite CCHQ’s NIMBY Attack Ad mdi-fullscreen

Given the Tories are now openly attacking their own housing policies, Guido thought it would be useful to clarify if they still intend to build 300,000 houses a year, or if that is now considered a disgraceful LibDem idea that threatens the Green Belt. Just three weeks ago, Housing Minister Rachel Maclean told the Commons the government is still “committed” to the policy, which also appeared in the Tories’ 2019 manifesto. Michael Gove had a definitive answer back in October…

Guido asked CCHQ for the official line, they said they’re “not sure“. Guido then asked government sources in DLUHC, who confirmed they are still “absolutely committed” to the policy, acknowledged it was in the manifesto, and the CCHQ campaign advert was presumably “issued in error“. The error being that Conservative Party HQ is campaigning against government policy. The Facebook adverts claiming it’s a LibDem disaster are still being run by CCHQ at the time of going to pixel…

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