LISTEN: Liz Truss Blasts Joe Biden for Failure of “So-Called Inflation Reduction Act” mdi-fullscreen

Liz Truss launched a scathing attack on Joe Biden last night while speaking at the Growth Forum hosted by the IEA. Appearing alongside former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Truss again waved the flag for her tax-cutting agenda, before slamming the US President for failing to tame inflation or make America more competitive. “How’s that going, Joe…”

“This agenda is not exactly fashionable at the moment. In fact we might say that the Overton window has shifted to the left across the western world… if we look at what’s happening in corporate board rooms, where there’s more chat about identity politics than there is about making a profit. If we look at what Joe Biden is doing in America, with state subsidies and the so-called inflation reduction act… how’s that going, Joe? If we look at that rather than making America more competitive, or the OECD [Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development] which is trying to impose minimum tax rates on the free world…”

Back in April, while delivering this year’s Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture, Truss also attacked Biden for joining the “coordinated resistance” against her agenda. None of this is much of a surprise, given Biden waded in to brand Truss’s tax cuts “a mistake” last October. Looks like they’re off each other’s Christmas card lists…

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