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Just as Number 10 has been accused of sitting on the intelligence and security committee’s report into Chinese espionage, Guido has come across evidence of the pervasive reach of Chinese surveillance – even deep into SW1. Some thirsty co-conspirators have been in touch to share evidence of Chinese interference in one of Britain’s most sensitive boozers: the Red Lion. Hikivion cameras are well positioned around the pub, frequented by politicians and civil servants alike. Chinese CCTV tech is being removed from sensitive locations over fear there are backdoor exploits know to the Chinese espionage services. Who knows what secrets inebriated Shadow Cabinet Ministers have spilled to the CCP…

Jake Urfurt, Head of Research and Investigations for civil liberties watchdog Big Brother Watch said:

“As government wants to remove Hikvision for sensitive sites, we wondered what conversations could be monitored by the Chinese cameras at the pub that is the heart of Westminster gossip. How many China hawk MPs might have had a pint under Hikvision‚Äôs gaze.”

Guido gives it a day before IDS arranges a pub boycott.

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