Questions Coming Back to Haunt Bernard Jenkin…

After two hours, we have no comment from Bernard Jenkin. So far as Guido knows he is not taking calls from the press. So here’s a reminder of some of his most hypocritical statements at the Privileges Committee:

  • “The rules were clear, they were there for everyone, and no one is above the law…”
  • “The lockdown was a time of sacrifice and hardship for many.‘it’s only right that those in power should lead by example”
  • “The public trust in our institution is paramount. Any breach, however minor, is a serious matter”
  • “We must hold ourselves to the highest standards. If we do not, how can we expect the public to do so?”
  • “It is not just about following the letter of the law, but also the spirit of the law. We, as public servants, should be the first to adhere to this”
  • “We cannot expect the public to follow rules that we ourselves do not follow. It is a matter of integrity and honesty”
  • “Transparency is key in these matters. Any attempt to hide or downplay breaches only serves to undermine public trust”
  • “We must remember that our actions have consequences. Breaching lockdown rules can lead to serious health risks for others”

Bernard really needs to hold himself to the same standard he demanded of Boris.

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