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Friday night was a busy time for newsrooms and broadcasters caught on the hop by the resignations of Nadine Dorries and Boris. The biggest box office name in politics bringing down the curtain meant massive audience interest for bloggers and broadcasters alike. Apart from TalkTV…

In the late afternoon and early evening, Vanessa Feltz did manage to cover the resignation of her fellow TalkTV presenter Nadine Dorries from parliament. Nadine’s own pre-recorded Friday night show was not scheduled for last week – probably just as well in the circumstances. Boris resigned at 8 pm.

The television team at the Baby Shard do not like working Fridays, so they instead put out rehashed content from Piers Morgan Unwatched that does nothing for the station’s already dire ratings. When Boris resigned, the few viewers of TalkTV would have been unaware. This is despite the station having extensive access in the building to news journalists from The Sun and The Times, who could have delivered down the line live coverage. The pre-recorded content meant the station suffered the humiliation of being the only channel to not cover the resignation until the next day. The Friday evening shows, as a consequence, all got next to nothing ratings on BARB.

Even if they can explain away this shambles as bad luck because of the unfortunate timing, things are coming to a head at NewsUK: the comprehensive and continuous drubbing by GB News, the embarrassing figures, and content that the TalkRadio side of the business wants to drop even though they get it free from TalkTV. Insiders say a crisis meeting to discuss the dismal performance of TalkTV is coming…

UPDATE:  Another TalkTV insider gets in touch to say they pre-recorded Nadine’s show, as usual, on Thursday afternoon, unfortunately due to intervening events it was so out of date that they couldn’t use a single word of it on Friday. Doh!

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