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After a recent analysis revealed Labour has already drawn up a shopping list of £20 billion in unfunded spending before they’ve even written a manifesto, Rachel Reeves has staged an emergency intervention before it gets out of hand. This afternoon she and Shadow Treasury Chief Secretary Pat McFadden penned a formal letter to their Shadow Cabinet colleagues, warning them against making any more commitments without sign-off. You’d think this was just common sense; apparently it needs to be put in writing…

According to the I, Reeves said:

“There will be no unfunded spending commitments – if something is not signed off, it is not policy… The economy is the territory on which the next general election will be fought, and Labour’s fiscal responsibility must be the foundation on which we build our campaign… It is important that everyone appreciates the high level of scrutiny we are under. The test of being trusted with the public finances is not optional – it is essential – and if we pass it, it gives us the space to talk to the electorate about how a Labour Government will transform Britain.”

They also warned the Tories would inevitably attack them over this sort of thing in the election, so discipline is essential. Did anyone tell Keir this when he refused to give a figure for Labour’s shiny new plan to “save” the NHS last month?

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