Bad Al Critiques Sunak Despite His Own Luxury Travel at Taxpayers’ Expense mdi-fullscreen

In a stunning though unsurprising display of hypocrisy, Alistair Campbell took aim today at the PM for daring to travel by helicopter and the Foreign Secretary for renting a jet:

Has Bad Al conveniently forgotten about his own luxurious travel?

In an old interview with The Telegraph, Campbell boasted of his jet set luxury five star life working for the former prime minister Tony Blair. Asked to describe his “most luxurious travel experience”¬†he told Telegraph readers

“working for the former PM – motorbike escorts to the airport, driven to the steps of the plane, staying in embassies with people attending to your every need. You have to force yourself not to take it for granted and get out of touch. Once at a hotel in Delhi, I had my own valet who kept appearing outside the bathroom.”

Bad Al’s clearly an expert at taking flight from his own principles‚Ķ

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