Jolyon Again Makes Desperate Charge at Fox mdi-fullscreen

Clearly with an image to maintain, Jolyon Maugham has attacked yet another Fox. Fortunately, concerned observers from the RSPCA can stand down, this time Jolyon’s Foxy target is not of the vulpine variety… instead it’s Conservative MP Liam Fox. You can put away the baseball bat…

The latest in Jolyon’s ongoing series of “dark money investigations” investigating… nothing… involves naming Liam Fox in a “lobbying scandal”, after consulting firm Bradshaw Advisory was found to have breached lobbying rules by watchdog, The Office of the Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists (ORCL). This is despite the fact Liam Fox himself was absolved of any wrongdoing by The OCRL – a minor detail buried deep into the article’s 8th paragraph. Sly as a fox…

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