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The annual Nanny State Index has found that the United Kingdom’s government is meddling more in people’s lives. The ranking, compiled today by the IEA and European Policy Information Centre, puts the UK as the 11th worst country in Europe – up one place since last year. The UK’s position is mitigated by the fact it has, with Ireland, the most liberal policies on e-cigarettes in Europe – currently. Speaking of which, Rishi Sunak just announced a new vaping crackdown.

The UK has the second most restrictive food and drink restrictions in Europe – thanks to a sugar tax and advertising regulations – whilst tobacco restrictions are the worst in the continent. This is only set to get worse, as both major parties remain committed to nannying policies…

Overall, Turkey, Norway and Lithuania top the list as the most meddling nations in Europe. Meanwhile, Germany is the most liberal, followed by Czechia and Italy.

Despite the rapid growth in regulations, there is little evidence that paternalistic policies are effective:

There is no correlation between stricter drinking, eating, smoking, and vaping regulations and higher life expectancy.

Christopher Snowdon, the report’s author and Head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA, said:

“With the UK introducing some of the world’s most nannying policies on food, it’s no surprise to see it rising up the league table against stiff competition. The UK scores poorly in every category except e-cigarettes where it is the best in show… With alcohol taxes rising sharply this year and more food regulation to come, things will only get worse.”

Maybe just let adults make decisions for themselves…

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