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Telegraph hacks had an important email land in their inboxes this morning, courtesy of the Telegraph Media Group’s (TMG) Diversity and Inclusion team. Yes, that team exists. 

The email is the team’s “Diversity Download” newsletter, which contains a whole trove of woke HR-speak that wouldn’t be out of place on Pink News – rather than, say, the paper that dedicates hundreds of column inches to fighting the Culture War. Next week, for example, hacks will be offered free sex education classes on “reproductive and sexual health”…

The clinic is part of the Telegraph’s new partnership with Hertility, which offers both men and women tips and tricks for managing their “hormonal health“. For hacks interested, it’s next Wednesday at 1p.m. in the Presentation Theatre…

For those who want to dive deeper, the Diversity and Inclusion team also sent a presentation explaining their work and ethos. Apparently they’re set on “improving the culture”…

Brought to you by the same paper that just last week published this piece by Allister Heath: “The woke blob is about to achieve its greatest triumph: its final takeover of Britain”. Did anyone in Telegraph towers actually read Allister’s cri de cœur?

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