Taxpayer Forks Out £3.3 Million Funding for Insect Protein Project mdi-fullscreen

Our technocratic overlords are stepping up their efforts to force insects down your throat. The absence of a mass outcry for bug-based diets hasn’t stopped the government funding £3.3 million investment for plant protein farmers Entocycle. Surely not another government contract dished out by Matt Hancock…  

Creepy crawly cuisine is clearly an issue that unites political elites, the Labour government in Wales has also splashed out on insect meals – for school children. Meanwhile, the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative characterises insects as an overlooked form of protein with benefits for the climate. Maybe co-conspirators in the comments section are onto something…

Despite all this noise from on high, there seems to be an absence of action from the upper-classes. Guido is yet to see crickets on the menu at a state banquet, our elected officials aren’t taking bites out of tarantulas on the Terrace and it hardly seems likely The Economist’s canteen serves up scorpions. Until that day, Guido will not eat the bugs.

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