David Lammy Twice Fails to Get Into the Bilderberg Meeting

This weekend the Bilderberg Meeting was held in Lisbon. The annual meet-up of the has-beens and wannabees of geo-politics has, of late, been eclipsed by the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos in the minds of conspiracy theorists who believe lizards control the world. Bilderberg is off the record, unlike its social media and celebrity-friendly rival in Davos, which means we only have the headlines of what is being discussed in secret: AI, Banking System, China, Energy Transition, Europe, Fiscal Challenges, India, Industrial Policy and Trade, NATO, Russia, Transnational Threats, Ukraine and US Leadership. Basically the same issues being discussed everywhere.

The organisers pride themselves that over the last half-century they have talent-spotted and invited the up-and-coming politicians of the future. This year they invited David Lammy and Tom Tugendhat. As you can see from the video above, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy had some difficulty getting past security…

After some awkwardness with security on his first attempt, a feeling Guido has experienced trying to get into the Spectator’s Summer Party, the “my name is definitely on the list” vibe turns sour when he is approached by a journalist who has finally figured out who he might be. Lammy imperiously pirouettes on his heels and flounces off with as much dignity as he can muster, taking his wheelie bag with him…

Our future Foreign Secretary returns again later – this time without his wheelie bag. Only to be refused entry again, resulting in Lammy summoning an Uber to escape his embarrassment. According to Guido’s source at the event, Lammy did eventually get in to the meeting. Guido’s top tip for crashing swanky parties with or without an invite: hire a limo to drop you off…

That means you Reach plc.

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