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The Court of Appeal has ordered that Carole Cadwalladr must pay 60% of Arron Banks’ legal fees to the tune of £1,242,634*. Having already apologised and coughed up £35,000 in damages, the Court has today ruled she must now find another couple of million down the back of the sofa before the end of the month. Beyond that, and the interest starts raking up at “2% per annum above the Bank of England base rate from time to time”…

The Court said:

“The Claimant was the successful party on the appeal and overall. He has established that the Defendant was responsible for the unlawful publication to 100,000 or more people in this jurisdiction of a serious imputation, which caused serious harm to the Claimant’s reputation, which the Defendant accepts was not true, and which (as she also accepted on appeal) was no longer defensible in the public interest. He has established a right to substantial compensation, now agreed in the sum of £35,000. He has also secured an apology, an acknowledgment of the falsity of the meaning complained of, the amendment of the TED Talk, an undertaking not to repeat the allegation complained of, and the removal of some Tweets…”

Banks tells Guido “victory is final and sweet“. Presumably the mainstream media will actually cover the news this time…

*The total costs in the case are some £3.2 million when you include her own costs.

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