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With Labour’s solid, if declining, poll ratings and strong local election results, the political wind seems to be blowing in Keir Starmer’s direction. This probably explains why Wes Streeting has been keen to kowtow behind his leader. So much so that he’s mimicking Starmer’s own dedication to changing position

Over recent weeks Wes has been sticking firmly to the party line, bringing a number of contradictions with his past principles:

  1. Whilst facing questions on Sophy Ridge on Sunday, Streeting got behind Keir and refused to apologise for Labour ditching its pledge to scrap tuition fees. This struck Guido as odd, because Wes had previously backed a “brilliant” campaign calling out the “liar” MPs who ditched their own tuition fees pledges. Of course, as pictured above, Wes himself was one of such MPs…
  2. On the same morning round, Wes told Laura Kuenssberg “I don’t think proportional representation will be in Labour’s manifesto”. This must have been difficult for Streeting, who previously argued with passion that “First Past the Post is broken”. He also campaigned for AV in 2011 and signed a letter saying “it’s time for change” to a “fairer voting system”.
  3. Again following behind his leader, Wes stressed his commitment to Brexit, saying “people need to move on”. He used to be a member of the People’s Vote campaign…

Trans issues are one area where Wes has been willing to take a stand against Starmer – unlike his leader, he’s been able to come up with a clear definition of what makes a woman. His newfound clarity won’t make him any friends at his former employer, pro Self-ID Stonewall, or amongst Labour Against Transphobia, of which Wes was previously a member, who got a Labour activist suspended for wanting to bar trans women from all-women shortlists. Once again, weathervane Wes has detected where the wind is blowing…

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