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Given Sir Keir has spent months declaring his party is now “a government-in-waiting“, the chaos over Labour’s housing policy roll-out over the last two days offers a taste of what we might expect from a “serious” Starmer-led premiership. Here’s how it’s going…

On Sunday, Guido revealed Lisa “Nimby” Nandy’s hypocrisy over housing targets, with Nandy attacking the Tories for failing to build enough houses… despite opposing the building of thousands of homes in her own constituency. Her deputies, Matthew Pennycock and Paula Barker, are guilty of the same charge. Later that morning, Labour’s campaign chief Shabana Mahmood opened up a party split by opposing calls for rent controls, something which Nandy herself previously claimed to be “personally very interested” in, and which Sadiq Khan still tweets in favour of practically every day…

Then the Shadow Equalities Minister Anneliese Dodds managed to open up a new split on LBC… with herself. She told listeners that foreign buyers were attracted to the UK thanks to the “stability that our country provides“, only to then suggest one of the factors affecting housebuilding was that “we have not had that economic stability” under the Conservative government. Dodds later reassured Times Radio’s Luke Jones that Labour at least “understand that housing is about homes”…

Now Shadow Treasury Minister Tulip Siddiq has waded in to cast confusion over Labour’s approach to Right to Buy. In a written question, Siddiq asks what “assessment [the government] has made of the potential impact of the Right to Buy Scheme on the availability of council homes”, suggesting Labour are now opposed to the policy. Just a few months ago, however, Lisa Nandy insisted to Laura Kuenssberg she had “always believed in the Right to Buy and the right to buy your own home”. At the same time, Labour also briefed the I that the party “supports the principle of council and social tenants being able to buy the homes”. All this from the party that is now calling itself “the party of homeownership”, with promises of building 300,000 houses a year… somehow. Starmer forgot to mention housing once on his media round this morning.

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