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Lee Anderson has insisted it is “time to move on” after his fracas with Andrew Bridgen yesterday in Portcullis House, which witnesses claim nearly ended in a bust-up between Anderson and Bridgen’s dinner guest, former Tory councillor Sebastian Leslie. The clash happened in the Adjournment restaurant. Bridgen is reported to have confronted Lee, who was dining with GB News‘ Nana Akua and Lois Perry, after being expelled from the Conservative Party. Things got so heated Lee told Leslie to “come outside grandad, and […] sort it out”…

Nana Akua has written her account of events for GB News this morning, claiming “the altercation was in fact initiated by Andrew Bridgen” who was “clearly very angry” after his expulsion. Andrew Bridgen isn’t commenting, although Sebastian Leslie tells the Express Anderson was “aggressive and out of control.” It’s turning into a he-said, she-said tale. Either way, Lee is now attempting to publicly bury the hatchet:

“I bear no ill feeling to Andrew and have always got on well with him. But I will not tolerate being verbally attacked whilst dining with friends. It’s not the done thing. I wish Andrew all the best and it’s time to move on.”

It would’ve been good practise for Lee’s upcoming bout with Steve Bray…

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