MPs and Staffers Accept Chocolate Bribes from Corrupting, Deforesting, Child Labour Exploiting, Price Fixing, Russian Sanctions Busting Corporation mdi-fullscreen

Anybody within of the Palaces of Westminster today would notice a distinct buzz in the air, as MPs and staffers alike have been queuing up to receive freebies from an event organised by Cadbury’s parent company Mondelez International. Guido would advise ethical parliamentary co-conspirators to avoid rushing to the terrace for their fill free chocolate bars. The golden tickets aren’t what they seem…

Mondelez international is far from an ethical supplier, here are just some of their problematic issues:

  • They illegally cleared parks to grow cocoa in national parks and protected areas in Ghana and the Ivory Coast. In 2018 they were found to have helped push orangutan to the brink of extinction by clearing 70,000 hectares of rainforest.
  • Mondelez has been found to rely on child labour in their supply chain. They have themselves ‘fessed up to the issue.
  • Whilst other companies have ceased operations in Russia, Mondelez continues to operate. In a statement on the subject, the company Committed to “helping maintain continuity of the food supply during the challenging times ahead”.
  • Perhaps most relevant to our elected officials, in 2013 they were forced to pay up $13 million amid charges it violated federal anti-bribery laws.
  • In 2015, they were accused of wheat futures price-fixing, raising the price of the commodity and earning millions in the process.
  • Cadbury’s 2016 takeover resulted in 500 UK job losses and the abandonment of their fair trade commitment.

No wonder they’re trying to sweeten British MPs…

Amid all the hubbub, a Guido investigative journalist ventured down to the terrace this afternoon. After Guido had a single slice of chocolate cake, a Mondelez executive escorted him out…

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