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SNP’s Westminster leader Stephen Flynn has admitted he wasn’t told the party’s auditors had quit until nearly three months after he got the job, and conceded the SNP is on the brink of losing £1.2 million in short money in a matter of weeks. In an interview with BBC Radio Scotland, Flynn revealed he was only told about the auditor crisis on February 10, despite being elected as SNP Westminster leader on December 6. It was just yesterday when the SNP’s deputy leader Keith Brown insisted the party was “one of the most transparent” in the UK…

Speaking to BBC Radio Scotland, Flynn admitted it was a “difficult time” for SNP staff:

“It’s obviously a situation which is in a state of flux.  When you’re not in control of something, it’s best not to make firm commitments as to what could or couldn’t happen.”

I became fully aware of the situation in February, as I said to you, I received an email from our finance officer who advised me that back in September the party’s auditors had opted not to continue and we need to find our own.”

The only problem is Ian Blackford claimed on Sunday that his deputy Kirsten Oswald gave Flynn “a very firm and detailed briefing” on the party’s finances when Flynn knifed Blackford in the back to replace him. So detailed that Flynn didn’t know his team is on track to lose £1.2 million…

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