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The TaxPayers’ Alliance has uncovered just how much cash the taxpayer forked out last year to train the next generation’s socialists: the execrable UK Youth Parliament received £234,495 in 2021-22, with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport promising a further £750,000 to the British Youth Council to keep the scheme running until at least 2025. The real kicker: the Youth Parliament did not sit once during the last funding period. The first sitting since 2019 took place in November…

When it does sit, the bright ideas offered by the 13 year olds sitting on the green benches include lobbying for the enfranchisement of children, asking for “free” universities, and endlessly attacking the government that gives them the cash to sit in the Chamber in the first place. Elliot Keck, investigations campaign manager of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said:

“This right-on talking shop is a waste of taxpayers’ money, particularly at a time of stretched services and a record high tax burden.”

£750,000 to nurture the Momentum activists of the future…

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