Peston Robs Contestant of Winnings as Wheels Fall Off TV Quiz Appearance

Clearly not content with providing the cutting-edge political insight of a blunt butter knife, Robert Peston has broadened his horizons to TV trivia shows. On the weekend, Peston joined as an “Expert” on Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel. His expertise took him about as far as you’d expect.

Peston first faced a question on US Politics – surely the bread and butter for the ITV News Political Editor. As an expert, he had to advise contestant Nathan on which came first from a list of US political events – including the first televised TV debate, the first woman elected President, the first President elected to a fourth term and when women were granted the vote. Before even giving his answer, he corrected Nathan, who suggested the first televised presidential debate would be in the 60s – insisting “it would’ve been 50s I think”. It was in 1960.

Peston continued:

“I don’t know whether the founding fathers insisted on a two-term limit… it’s possible that in the 19th century a President was elected for four terms. I think I’m gonna go for the fourth term thing”.

Thankfully, Nathan ignored Rob’s advice, instead opting for the correct answer of “women granted right to vote”. After McIntyre explained that Franklin Roosevelt was elected to a fourth term in 1945, Rob chimed in “was he?”. A reminder – ITV pays Peston over £340,000 for his political knowledge…

Unfortunately, Peston’s mistakes didn’t end there. When prompted to which of a list of cycling events involved pairs, Peston said:

“I do watch a bit of cycling and for whatever reason, Keirin springs to mind.”

Keirin was incorrect.

As the show reached its conclusion, the expert panel were ranked based on their performance. Peston came below radio host and model Snoochie, comedian Joel Dommett, TV personality Dr Zoe and friend of the blog Georgia Toffolo. To be fair to Robert he did come in above Bez from the Happy Mondays. Bez of course can’t remember five years of his own life and has difficulty stringing a sentence together…

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