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As the Privileges Committee finally released Boris Johnson’s 50-page written evidence submission, Guido was struck by one claim from the Committee. In their press release, they state “Mr Johnson’s written submission contains no new documentary evidence”. Sources close to Johnson categorically refute this. Guido is happy to take a look at the evidence and let co-conspirators be the judge.
The dossier includes previously unpublished WhatsApp messages sent on the evening of December 7, 2021. On page 37, the dossier includes a text from a senior adviser to Boris saying, ““I think you can say ‘I’ve been assured there was no party and no rules were broken’”. The committee did not publish this evidence previously.

Page 36 of the submission includes a WhatsApp message from Boris, asking his team “is there a way we could get the truth about this party out there?”. It hardly looks like a cover up. The committee did not publish this evidence previously.

There were further testimonies included on page 42 of the dossier. This includes a witness saying “it is my honest belief that Mr Johnson did not deliberately or negligently mislead the House” and another testifying that multiple civil servants assured Boris that rules were followed. The committee did not publish this evidence previously.

Boris makes further defences in his dossier. He criticises the Committee’s fourth report for selectively quoting a witness – omitting the claim that Boris didn’t drink and “was the most sensible person there”. Boris also doesn’t hold back from blasting “the discredited” Dominic Cummings:

“It is no secret that Dominic Cummings bears an animus towards me, having publicly stated on multiple occasions that he wanted to do everything that he could to remove me “from power”. He cannot be treated as a credible witness”.

The Committee needs to explain why they kept back from publishing evidence that supported the central contention that Boris was advised by officials that all was compliant...

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