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Humza Yousaf has been reported to Police Scotland for appearing to break the Hate Crime and Public Order Act, after claiming double rapist Isla Bryson is “not a genuine trans woman” during the latest SNP leadership debate. The same Hate Crime Act introduced by… Humza Yousaf.

Speaking during the BBC’s debate on Tuesday, Yousaf claimed:

 “Isla Bryson should not be in a woman’s prison. Isla Bryson is a rapist who’s completely at it, I don’t think they’re a genuine trans woman, I think they’re trying to play the system.”

Not a “genuine trans woman“, although still using “they” pronouns for some reason. Regardless, Yousaf’s remarks are a criminal offence under the Hate Crime Act, which bans “threatening, abusive or insulting language… based on their protected characteristics, which include gender identity“. Now a “Concerned Citizen” has written to the Chief Constable of Police Scotland over Yousaf’s apparent rule-breaking:

“Mr. Yousaf’s comments could be considered insulting and potentially stigmatise transgender individuals by suggesting that Ms. Bryson is not a ‘genuine’ trans woman, and is seeking to exploit her gender identity for personal gain. Such comments could contribute to a hostile environment for transgender individuals and may be considered to breach sections 4 and 5 of the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021.”

The Wings Over Scotland blog also points out that Yousaf’s claims “completely blow the entire foundation of the Gender Recognition Reform bill out of the water … under the terms of the GRR, neither Humza Yousaf nor anyone else has the right to declare that Isla Bryson is “at it”, or that he’s “not a real transwoman”. Luckily for Yousaf, Police Scotland are still receiving “training” for how to implement the law – despite it being passed in 2021 – so he’ll likely dodge legal consequences for his “insulting” language. No wonder the training is taking so long…
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