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Despite opposing the Government’s Illegal Immigration Bill, just passed its second reading, Labour are keen to pretend they’re tough on immigration – just last week in PMQs Starmer attacked Rishi for failing to get a grip on border control. Well, over the weekend further evidence of Labour’s true preferences was revealed by the Mail on Sunday. Rishi was on the money when he fired back at leftie lawyer Sir Keir:

One of the main pull-factors with illegal immigration is that they believe (rightly) they can claim benefits if they reach Britain’s shores. Partly because in 2003 activist lawyers successfully challenged the Labour government’s decision to bar asylum seekers from claiming benefits. The legislation was intended to prevent people abusing the system – they would overstay their visas, falsely claim asylum and enjoy benefits whilst they spent years establishing their claims. A young plain Mister Keir Starmer QC was the lawyer who won the right for them to claim benefits.

In response to the judgement, the then Home Secretary David Blunkett despaired:

“I am personally fed up with having to deal with the situation where Parliament debates issues and the judges overturn them.”

Just as with the Rwanda policy, Keir and the liberal legal establishment sided against Parliament and the elected government.

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