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Before reporting on allegations of bullying against Labour’s Shadow Mental Health Minister, Guido contacted the Labour press office, who issued a categoric denial. Labour denied there were any investigations and insisted no formal complaints were raised – based on the evidence Guido provided. Well… Guido has since received hard evidence that formal complaints were lodged. Co-conspirators can read the full email below…

Labour press maintains their position – that there was no formal complaint – was consistent. Based on the fact no investigation arose directly from the tweets initially presented and that complaints are only carried forward once significant evidence is presented. Guido will let co-conspirators be the judge.

Rosena faces another allegation of bullying behaviour: activist Lukey Stranger alleged that online harassment left him “in floods of tears & bereft of words”.

Labour demanded Dominic Raab be suspended when he faced bullying allegations and claimed that “whenever there’s even an allegation in the Labour Party, that MP in question loses the labour whip.” By refusing to accept there are bullying allegations being made against her means Rosena doesn’t have to the whip suspended…

From: <>
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021, 12:26
Subject: Complaint Submitted – Rosena Allin-Khan | | | London

Thank you for submitting this complaint and raising this matter with us. Your complaint is below.

Regarding next steps, your complaint will be passed to the relevant Labour Party staff team depending upon it’s content, for consideration in line with our rules and procedures. If it is regarding the conduct of an individual member, it will be passed to the Disputes Team for investigation. Following that, the case will be considered by a Disputes Panel of the National Executive Committee who will have a range of potential sanctions available to them, the most serious of which is a referral to the National Constitutional Committee with a recommendation of expulsion.

As our complaints procedures are confidential and we must uphold our legal obligations on data protection, we are unable to provide specific updates on cases to third parties. However, if you are a victim of this complaint or directly involved in it, then we will keep in contact with you as the case progresses. Please be aware that due to the number of cases we handle, we will not always be able to be in regular contact. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Your Name:
Cllr Hannah Stanislaus
Your phone number:
Your email address
Your address:
Are you a Labour Party member?
Was the behaviour or action you’re complaining about, directed at you specifically?
Would you like to remain anonymous?
Who is this complaint about?
Name of person you are complaining about:
Rosena Allin-Khan
Do you have reason to believe this person is a Labour Party member? Please provide reason:
She’s a Labour MP
In what UK region is the person you are complaining about?
Where do they live? Region, local authority, constituency or address.
Tooting CLP
How old are they?
What kind of complaint(s) do you have?
  • Ableism
  • Bullying, intimidation or harassment
  • Data protection breach
  • Defamation/ libel
  • Dispute within Branch or Constituency Labour Party
  • Procedural
  • Selection procedure for elected office
  • Uncomradely behaviour
  • Other (please specify)
Other complaint
Abusive office staff
Please describe your complaint(s)
Rosena Allin- Khan
Sean Lawless
Kate Forbes.Working in the office during the GE 2019, I was used and treated like crap.
From December 13th 2019 I felt suicidal after working in their office.During the Deputy Leadership campaign, Rosena Allin- Khan and I sat in her house. She belittled me for supporting Dawn Butler and verbally abused me. She told me that I had made her feel like crap, she lied about an incident that never happened in Wimbledon and treated me with little to no care.Causing many people to feel like this She should never have been chosen as Shadow Mental Health Minister. A bully who allows her staff to use people and all she cares about is personal gain.
Is this complaint subject to a current, ongoing criminal investigation, legal action or standards investigation?
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