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Fans of fantasy books may well be in luck, as Jolyon Maugham is making a foray into the world of publishing. Following the announcement of his self-indulgent volume, titled “Bringing Down Goliath”, Jolyon’s first thoughts were on the profits. He took to Twitter “to be really transparent” and explain where the money would go. Seeing as Maugham is so keen on transparency, presumably he will be happy to reveal how much the advance was.

After reiterating his promise that he would never be paid out more than a backbench MP, Jolyon made clear that his book’s advance – and any subsequent royalties – would be his. He has previously claimed his salary was equal to a backbencher so assuming his book brings in some revenue, which to be fair is a bit of a leap, he’ll be taking home more than a backbencher. Sly as a fox…

Jolyon defends the move because he claims the book was written in his down time – so it’s not part of his work with the Good Law Project. However, he then goes on to specify that the Good Law Project will publicise the book, incur the costs of any events organised and share the outgoings for a legal consultation. He even conscripted Good Law employees to conduct research.

The kimono-loving KC rounded off his thread by again professing the importance of being “honest and transparent”. Perhaps he could start by fessing up to his broken promise.

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