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The Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Pat McFadden, the man whom if Labour win will be the second-most senior Minister controlling the government’s purse strings. Surely a Scottish thrifty and responsible spender…

In 2009, McFadden was found to have charged £5,581 in legal fees and stamp duty to the taxpayer when purchasing his second home. Having purchased the property, it obviously needed furnishing. McFadden came cap in hand to the taxpayer once again, this time spending £4,807.41 on furniture.

Sparing no expense, he forked out £995 on a sofa, £995 on an oak veneer bed frame, £250 for an oak veneer bedside chest, £395 on a walnut veneer dining table, and £356 for leather dining room chairs. McFadden shopped mostly at either Habitat or Heal’s, although you wouldn’t know that based on the expenses sheet he published on his website during the 2009 scandal. According to the Telegraph, the brand names were often censored…

He also spent £969.47 on lights and curtains (£337.84 on John Lewis alone), £584 on a mattress, £263.50 on crockery and cutlery, £214.34 on other kitchenware, and £206.80 on the installation of a new TV ariel. Plus £71 on bins…

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