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Government lobbyist Cicero’s CEO Iain Anderson has quit on the Tories again – last year he quit as the government’s LGBT Business Champion after 6 months over the government’s reluctance to ban young people from getting advice on detransitioning. He was also chair of the LGBT charity Stonewall, which campaigns vociferously in favour of children being able to make surgical life-changing decisions. Now he has again won headlines for quitting the party because he says he has heard the Tories plan to ramp up the so-called culture wars as a central part of their general election strategy. “It was made pretty clear the plan is to run a culture war”, he told the FT…

It is important to remember which side is the aggressor in this culture war and which side is trying to defend the status quo. This ideological difference is Iain Anderson’s stated reason for switching his backing from the Tories to Labour. He apparently no longer has ideological differences with the Labour Party. A Conservative source says: “Iain, chair of the taxpayer-funded uber-woke culture warriors Stonewall, was furious about the Government’s use of section 35 to block Nicola Sturgeon’s radical gender self-ID proposals which undermine UK equalities law.  Given Keir Starmer’s support for similar laws for the whole of the UK, it’s unsurprising that he’s joining the Labour party. We wish him well.”

Only a cynic would think it is also happens to be fortunate for the consummate government lobbyist to ever-so publicly switch his decades-long party affiliation to the party twenty points ahead in the polls ahead of a general election. You might say Guido is being too cynical, I couldn’t possibly comment.

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