BBC Quietly Removes Glowing Praise for Wales’ New Gender ID Laws mdi-fullscreen

The BBC has quietly edited their report on the Welsh government’s plan to implement new gender self-ID laws, hoping nobody would notice. Unfortunately, Guido did.

The article, covering the news that Wales plans to follow Scotland in making it easier to change gender (because that’s going so well), initially contained vox pops showering the Welsh government in praise for the move, with one grateful local claiming it was “pretty cool“, and another student saying it made her even prouder to be Welsh. Along with a pat on the back from Davinia Green, director of Stonewall Cymru…

A few hours later, the vox pops are gone, vanished without a trace. Having seemingly realised that dedicating an entire page to applauding the government, the article was adjusted to at least include a comment from the Welsh Conservatives. The wall of text suggesting the government could go “even further” is now lost to the sands of time…

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