Len McCluskey Tells Russell Brand the CIA Prevented Corbyn Winning

Len McCluskey has joined forces with messiah-turned-insane conspiracy theorist Russell Brand to claim the CIA prevented Corbyn from winning the 2019 election. During his appearance on the podcast – a platform Brand usually uses to spread wild claims about the ‘great reset’ – McCluskey calls Brand the “best investigative journalist I’ve come across”. Guido reckons that award could actually go to Sky’s Joe Pike for working hard to reveal corruption and “potential criminality” at Unite…

The clip doing the rounds on Twitter shows McCluskey claiming the CIA intervened to prevent a Labour victory at the general election:

“What happened in 2017 when Jeremy Corbyn almost won power? The forces of reaction within both the UK and indeed America – the CIA and all the rest of them – were absolutely beside themselves that a man with socialist ideals and a vision almost captured power. And they made a decision there and then that they were never going to allow that to happen again. And they tried to destroy Corbyn…

You can imagine that the CIA in America would have picked the phone up to their friends in the British establishment and said ‘what the hell are you guys playing at? How have you allowed a man like Corbyn to almost get into power, let’s make certain it doesn’t happen again.”

Guido thinks it was more likely the good sense of the British electorate which prevented Corbyn from winning.  He also claims Keir Starmer has been “captured” as a “puppet” by those same forces. Retirement clearly going well for Red Len…

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