WATCH: Sturgeon Falls Apart Over Trans Women Prison Row

Guido tips his hat to Peter Smith for tying Nicola Sturgeon in multiple knots over the trans prisoner row. Asked simply “are all trans women, women?” – with the Scottish Prison Service having initially sent a double rapist to a women’s-only prison last week –  Sturgeon essentially claimed Smith was asking the wrong question. These are not the droids you are looking for…

Sturgeon: “That is not the point that we are dealing with here… Trans women are women, but in the present context there is no automatic right for a trans woman…”

Smith: “So there are contexts where a trans woman is not a woman?”

Sturgeon: No, there [are] circumstances when a trans woman will be housed in the male prison estate…”

Smith: “Is there any context in which a woman born as a woman will be housed in the male estate?”

Sturgeon: “Look, we’re talking here about trans women…”

Smith: “And I’m now asking about women born as women.”

Sturgeon: “I don’t think there are circumstances there, but…”

Smith: “So it’s different for trans women?”

Sturgeon: “Well, yes…”

Got there in the end…

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