Home Office: “Homosexual” An Offensive Phrase, Don’t Say “Mate” or “Sex Change” mdi-fullscreen

Guido’s got a hold of the latest woke briefing churned out by the Home Office. Hopefully you’re sitting down. This one’s a whopper. 

Over the course of just ten pages, civil servants working in the Home Office’s Homeland Security Group – the UK’s actual counter-terrorism unit – are told:

  • “Some people use ‘mixed’ or ‘split’ prounouns”
  • “Not all non-binary people use ‘he’ or ‘she’ pronouns.”
  • “Many use ‘they’ and ‘them'”
  • “Neopronouns like ‘zie’ or ‘ey’ also exist.”

Staff are also warned to “use the right language” and to “be clearly and openly supportive”. God forbid you “assume the gender of a person’s partner“, or fail to “use neutral language“. For those unsure on what language is permitted by the Praetorian Guards marching through Whitehall, the briefing lends a hand:

Don’t use:

  • Homosexual/homosexuality – generally considered a medical term now. People tend to use gay instead. Can reduce the person to purely sexual terms.
  • Hermaphrodite – for intersex people.
  • Transsexual — this was used in the past as a medical term. Some people still use it, but many prefer the term trans or transgender.
  • Transgendered – suggests a condition of some kind.
  • Transgenderism – suggests an ‘ideology’ that could be argued against.
  • Transvestite, tranny, or shemale.
  • Sex change, sex-change operation, pre-operative, post-operative.
  • Don’t deadname or misgender.

So the Home Office have now cancelled “homosexuality“, and warned against calling someone “mate” in an email. At least they’ll remember to use split pronouns for the next terrorist cell…  

Read the full document below:

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