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DEFRA’s new law forcing companies to pay to recycle their own packaging – set to come into force in 2024 – is going down like a cup of cold sick with industry leaders. The “Extended Producer Responsibility”, which could see food bills shoot up by another £60 if the costs were passed on to shoppers, has already raised eyebrows since it was announced in 2021, and crisis talks this week haven’t exactly salvaged the policy.

More than 700 people across multiple sectors attended the online DEFRA-held Business Readiness Forum yesterday, only for the call to descend into chaos during a discussion with a department official, as dozens of participants trashed the plans and called for the entire thing to be binned. Guido’s got a hold of the chat transcript for the forum. Here’s an idea of how it went…

  • “Why is this going live if you’re not ready?!”
  • “Definately [sic] need a policy person on this forum otherwise it doesn’t have much value. I’ve learned nothing in 38 minutes”
  • “This seems to be totally unprepared and heading for a car crash… similar to other initiatives!”
  • “Feels like we need a separate DEFRA READINESS FORUM???”
  • “Is the picture of a cliff that keeps flashing up an indication that we’re all about to jump of [sic] one?”

One source told Guido “the chat was like a runaway Sky News ticker“, adding they “couldn’t keep up” with the amount of criticism and abuse. Therese Coffey already had emergency talks on the policy back in November. It doesn’t look like they helped much…

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