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With the second leadership contest of the year out of the way, November proved a more tranquil month in Westminster. Though not all were accustomed to the new-found peace. Coming down from the adrenaline rush of political chaos, the Lobby were on the hunt for scalps. They first tried, and failed, to take down Suella Braverman, before setting their sights on Gavin Williamson – even with initial backing, he couldn’t survive the onslaught. Dominic Raab was the Lobby’s final target and, despite harrowing allegations of tomato throwing, managed to come out the other side. That’ll Raab them up the wrong way.

Rishi got down to business in November as he made appointments to his top team, including a… diverse lineup of talents. Though, irrespective of the personnel behind it, November was a challenging month for the government. Immigration was back on the agenda, as it reached an all-time high, whilst the government failed to get to grips with channel crossings. The Conservatives, then, faced challenges from both flanks, as Labour maintained their 20-point poll lead, all before a wave of strikes looked set to bring the country to a halt. And this is the honeymoon…

Beyond the strikers, more lefty activists frustrated the public as eco-loons continued their activism. Guido undertook the public service of bringing scrutiny to their hypocritical excesses: from hysteria, to polluting sponsors and their far-flung financiers. Thankfully, they don’t make it difficult.

One person immune from the trials facing the public was Matt Hancock. In November, Matt made headlines when he jetted-off to Australia to rake in the dingo dollars on I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here. Over the course of the month, Hancock left his constituents hanging as he continued to excel at embarrassing himself on a daily basis. Even after suffering the indignity of being tarred-and-feathered, eating penis and taking any opportunity to sing – badly – Matt fared quite well. He finished third overall, an experience many Tory MPs may soon come to share…

Honourable Mentions:

Headline of the Month: Public Complain to Ofcom Over Hancock Shower Scene

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