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Chris Bryant is giving a speech at the University of Westminster this evening on “truth, honesty and integrity.” In full, the ‘Civility in Politics 2022’ winner will talk on:

  • The importance of truth, honesty and integrity in public office and in news reporting
  • The role of algorithms in filtering news & their distorting effect on the truth
  • How news providers stir up hatred and drive divisive agendas to generate clicks and the advertising revenue which follows
  • Why it is essential that news publishers are bound by robust standards on accuracy – the integrity of our democracy relies on it

Chris Bryant should pause the pontificating until he spends some time on introspection…

Since Bryant won the civility in politics award – the irony of which Guido detailed here – he’s not stopped putting his foot in it.

A month after winning it he was forced to apologise for false claims he’d made in Parliament, the outcome of an unprecedented legal challenge that saw his parliamentary privilege come unstuck. Not just a minor false allegation – accusing Christopher Chandler of money laundering and being a Russian spy…

As Chris lectures students on how “news providers stir up hatred and drive divisive agendas”, he may want to think about his description of Liz Truss’s new batch of ministers:

“It feels like pretty much anyone with a brain, a conscience and a work ethic has been purged from government either by Johnson or Truss. It’s an empty vessel of a government – loud, noisy but dangerously vacuous.”

When he turns to “the importance of truth, honesty and integrity in public office”, he will surely mention his recent smearing of Tory MPs by falsely claiming – on the floor of the House – he had witnessed bullying in the voting lobbies the night of the fracking vote. He is yet to correct the record…

On the topic of calling on news publishers to be “bound by robust standards on accuracy”, he may choose to mention how even the BBC managed to show him up when he accused them of failing to mention Kate Andrews “is part of the [IEA]” when she appeared on Question Time last month. Of course she isn’t, and he didn’t back down when this inaccurate bullying of a female columnist was called out…

Anyone wanting to watch the speech can reserve a spot here. Guido, for one, will be giving it a miss…

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