Woke UN Representative’s Ill-Considered Attack on Immigration Report mdi-fullscreen

The Centre for Policy Studies has published a detailed and well-considered report on illegal immigration this morning, with a foreword from the Home Secretary. Naturally it has upset all the right people. The UN Refugee Agency in the UK was quick out the blocks, tweeting their criticisms at 8am. The UNHCR’s UK representative, Vicky Tennant, cited “factual and legal errors”, arguing that the report’s proposals would breach the 1951 Refugee Convention. It seems as though the representative didn’t actually read the report, as this was discussed at length… 

The report in fact contains 33 mentions of the Refugee Convention, including a sub-section dedicated to addressing it specifically. It also recommends solutions to various other legal barriers, including the ECHR and 2015 Modern Slavery Act. Perhaps Vicky should stick to dishing out awards to the “brave” trans women championing LGBTI rights in El Salvador…

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