Boris Blames the Weather for His Downfall… Again

Boris’s commitment to climate awareness is now extending to recycling his own material. Appearing last night as the headline speaker at the International Symposium on Blockchain Advancements in Singapore – speaker fees as of yet undisclosed – the ex-PM again made a lighthearted reference to his own downfall in the summer, blaming the scorching 40 degree heatwave for melting the brains of his own backbenchers:

“I mean, even in the UK it was 40 degrees in July this year, which you know, in my view, may explain why . . . British people find it very difficult to think of 40 degrees heat in the summer. I think it may explain some of the irrational decisions that you saw in Westminster round about that period […] I think future historians may want to look at the role of global warming in the change of government there…”

Another hot take…

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