Virtually No Guests at European Commission’s €400,000 Metaverse Party mdi-fullscreen

Seeking to maintain its relevance in an ever-changing world, the European Union is leading the way in technological innovation. It’s a shame nobody wants to follow them.

The Commission’s aid department recently spent €387,000 on a metaverse platform to promote its Global Gateway initiative. The project culminated with the Global Gateway Gala, a virtual Beach Party – surely the social event of the year for any Eurocrats wanting to escape winter in Brussels. Alas, nobody turned up…

Journalist Vince Chadwick was in attendance at the event and, after a brief chat with one other plugged-in partygoer, ended up as the only person there. The EU were hoping to raise awareness of their work amongst 18-35-year-olds “primarily on TikTok and Instagram” who were “neutral about the EU”. After nigh-on half a million euros of taxpayers’ money, their youthful neutrality remains blissfully undisturbed…

Co-conspirators can catch a glimpse of the Commission’s virtual platform, without having to enter the matrix, through this trailer they posted to Twitter:

Guido is at a loss to explain how it didn’t catch on…

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