Heckler Slams Nicola Sturgeon Over Woke “Self-ID” Law

A furious protester interrupted Nicola Sturgeon’s speech last night to give the First Minister a piece of her mind over the SNP’s proposed “self-ID” gender reform plans. The same plans which will allow anyone over 16 to legally self-declare their gender after just three months…

Speaking at a Zero Tolerance charity event on tackling male violence against women – with attendees reportedly warned not to mention the reforms – Sturgeon stood in silence as the unidentified woman tore into her and the SNP for failing to “stand up for women” and undermining their safety:

“You are allowing paedophiles, sex offenders and rapists to self-ID in Scotland and put women at risk. Women campaigning for women’s rights are not against trans people. Shame on you for letting down vulnerable women in Scotland, not allowed to have their own spaces away from any male.”

This is the latest in a string of attacks on the bill, with JK Rowling slamming Labour for backing it earlier this week, and even the UN warning it would leave an “open door for violent males” to harm women. You’d think someone in the SNP would get the message. Last night, they just decided to tell everyone to “refrain from discussions of the definition of a woman and single sex spaces” instead. 

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