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While the Western world continues backing the plight of Ukraine, Tory MP staffers have been focusing on the real problems resulting from the war: a new Portcullis House billboard display of Russian war crimes.

The 10-foot tall exhibit in the centre of the MP meeting ground “shows the systematic atrocities against civilians that are an integral part of Russia’s assault on Ukraine: rape, torture, executions, bombardments, and the destroyed lives they leave behind”. Pretty heavy, important stuff. What objections could staffers have to it?

This afternoon, a Red Wall MP’s aide wrote to the Speaker about the exhibition. The primary concern:

“Whilst of course events by Russia are abhorrent, staff and members need some spaces for lunch. Having war crimes staring at you prevents you from taking a well-needed break.

That last sentence has, surely, thus far, never been written in an email to a Commons Speaker before…

Among other concerns, the staffers claim that the size of the signs “presents huge security concerns, in effect blocking security’s view for a large part of the atrium.

Guido suggests that if someone with ill intent is standing unsupervised in the middle of PCH, House security has made quite a substantial blunder already…

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