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Jolyon “Fox Beater” Maugham has lost so often in the English courts he has decided to inflict The Good Law Project on the Scottish courts instead. In an announcement last night, Jolyon revealed that his political campaign non-profit company is establishing a Scotland office, in part because the English judges feel “bullied” by Westminster. Thus, he’s hoping for better luck north of the border. He went on to blame those uncooperative English judges for not doing their jobs because, well, they didn’t agree with him:

“…we’re de-risking the Good Law Project from a rule of law point of view. Yes, Scottish judges are better protected than English judges, and so Scotland might become an even more important jurisdiction when it comes to holding power, both in Westminster and in Edinburgh, to account…

[Judges are] feeling bullied, they’re feeling under duress, Government is routinely threatening them, and they’re reacting by sort of drawing in their horns and not doing the very important work that our constitution requires the rule of law to do.”

He will, of course, need money for this. Luckily he still has some in the bank from all that crowdfunding on lost cases. Surely this is the change the GLP needs to finally win something…

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