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Never mind the rats and the crumbling stonework, Parliament’s £13 billion restoration project has a new priority: gender-neutral bathroom targets.

In “gender identity” documents leaked to the Telegraph, both the Commons and the Lords’ Diversity and Inclusion teams – yes, they both have one – have stated that any new buildings on the estate should have “minimum” gender-neutral toilet targets, with the aim of having “70 per cent gender-neutral toilets with a 30 per cent split between either male and female facilities”, with existing buildings having at least 10 per cent. At least it’ll stop woke members of staff converting toilets themselves…

While the Restoration and Renewal authority insists this is nothing more than guidance, and the final decision is currently “under review“. The document claims “we want to ensure that all staff can be their authentic selves at work, regardless of their gender identity or gender expression.” All vital work during a recession…

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