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The BBC has been working hard to maintain its record of failing to meet transparency standards. On this morning’s Today programme, the BBC invited CEO Dale Vince to discuss the Autumn Statement, introducing him simply as “The founder of the green energy provider Ecotricity”. Dale criticised the government before advocating fo“100% green energy”. Nothing to do with his career interest in the renewable sector…

Dale is not just an eco-exec. He’s also a devout Corbynite. Dale has been pictured with Jezza and has described him as “inspirational”, “genuine” and “so real”. He’s also had some choice words for Boris, saying “up yours” to the “dodgy guy”. Of course, he has a right to a platform on the BBC, but he needs to be introduced properly so people are aware of his prior commitments.

To be fair to Dale, he’s transparent about his own affiliations, freely admitting to being a Labour donor. Shame the BBC can’t match his openness…

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