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As the government prepares for a massive raid of everyone’s pockets in the autumn statement next week, the TaxPayers’ Alliance has uncovered the eye-watering sums still being poured into the Arts Council National Portfolio, much of it at the gift of the taxpayer. Just bear all this in mind when Jeremy Hunt stands at the despatch box…

In 2021/22, the taxpayer was behind a massive £340 million in Grant-in-Aid funds to National Portfolio Organisations. Over the next three years, those organisations are expected to receive a similar amount per year. In total, the Arts Council will spend around £1.34 billion in grants in the three years to 2026. In previous years around 80% of these grants came direct from taxpayers, according to the TPA. Where does that cash go? Here’s a flavour: 

  • Headlong Theatre (£2,076,906): Artistic director described Shakespeare’s Henry V, which she is currently directing, as “the pinnacle of… white supremacy and toxic masculinity”.
  • Artichoke Trust (£1,430,244): Recent projects include, as reported on Guido, a billboard saying “Hey Straight White Men, Pass the Power”.
  • Music Action International (£330,000): Openly slammed the government’s immigration and asylum policies, and described the “Rwanda plan” as “brutal”.
  • Discovery Children’s Story Centre (£286,791): Hosted a “Drag Story Time” for children aged between 3 and 7 years old.

Hundreds of thousands wasted on drag events for children and billboards attacking straight white men. Remember: “everyone” will have to pay more tax soon… 

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