YouGov Sees Tories Surge By One Whole Percentage Point mdi-fullscreen

Liz Truss’s political career came to a shuddering halt partly because of market turmoil, partly because Tory MPs had lost faith in her ability to win an election against damp squib Starmer. Well it’s good news for Tory MPs in marginal seats: Rishi has massively closed the gap… by a whopping two percentage points since they polled users on the 26th October.

  • Labour: 50% (-1)
  • Conservatives: 24% (+1)
  • LibDem: 9% (=)
  • Reform: 6% (=)
  • Green: 5% (+1)
  • SNP: 4% (-1)

To be fair to Rishi, at least he’s still personally ahead in “who would make the best PM“, and according to a seat predictor would leave the tories with a whole 51 seats. A comfortable nine ahead of the SNP…

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