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Suella Braverman was sacked for emailing confidential documents from her personal phone to a backbench MP – later it transpired she’d done this six times. On Sunday we learnt that Liz Truss’s phone had been hacked and heavily compromised by the Russians. Now Security Minister Tom Tugendhat is on the naughty step for using his phone while driving in south London. This is the guy in the driving seat of the UK’s security…

According to The Evening Standard, Tom could now be facing a driving ban, and is heading to court this Friday to learn his fate. Tugendhat received a fixed penalty notice in April, agreed to pay the fine and surrender his driving licence, however the offence was sent to court for prosecution as he already had six points.

According to the copper who spotted the motoring misdemeanour, “I noticed the driver of this vehicle was using a handheld mobile device whilst driving,”

“The device was being held in their left hand to the front, in front of themselves.

“I saw this from around 3m, in good daylight with no obstructions, I saw this for around 20 seconds.

“The driver did appear to be having a conversation.

“The driver did not appear to be operating the device.

“I stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver. I confirmed they weren’t making emergency contact to the 999 service.

“I pointed out the offence where they confirmed the communication was using maps.”

Guido seems to remember Mr Tugendhat was less than supportive of Boris when he received a fixed penalty notice…

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