Jenrick Insists He Wouldn’t “Demonise” Migrants By Calling Crossings “An Invasion”

Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick was out batting on a sticky wicket this morning as he tried to defend the embattled Home Secretary. Last night, while sat behind Suella Braverman as she declared the migrant crossings an “invasion on the south coast”,¬†Guido couldn’t help noticing Jenrick looking a bit tense. Wonder why…

On Sky News, Jenrick suggested he didn’t exactly agree:

“Well, in a job like mine, you choose your words very carefully, and I would never demonise people coming into this country in pursuit of a better life. And I understand and appreciate our obligation to refugees…”

Later on BBC Breakfast, however, he’d already diluted his language, claiming he “[thinks] it’s a phrase that expresses very clearly the concern that millions of people feel across the country”. Remember last week when the government claimed he hadn’t been put in the Home Office as a centrist diluting agent to hardline Braverman?

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