EXCLUSIVE: Downing Street Accidentally Publishes Patient’s Confidential Medical Records mdi-fullscreen

Having seemingly learned nothing from accidentally publishing high-res images of Jeremy Hunt’s Treasury notes to Flickr a few weeks ago, the government has somehow managed to do it again – only this time, rather than revealing their own documents, they briefly published a shot of a patient’s medical records. Seriously.

While the image has now been hastily blurred, the picture of Rishi Sunak greeting nurses at their desk showed a patient’s full name, address, date of birth, part of their NHS number and other detailed, private medical information. It even showed that the patient had a “normal urethra”.  

Obviously, Guido won’t make the same mistake and publish the unedited version ourselves. However, here’s a redacted version just for good measure:

The original image, briefly available to everyone on the internet for at least a few minutes, revealed absolutely everything. Nothing was censored. Looks like Suella’s not the only one who needs retraining…

UPDATE: Guido hears No.10’s legal team have now been drafted in ready to deal with any potential legal consequences for publishing the medical records…

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